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Everything You Need to Include in Your PCS Binder


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In a recent post, we talked about preparing for your PCS, and we mentioned that having a well-organized PCS binder will help save a lot of stress.

But what should you include in your binder? Well, it’s your crucial organization strategy to make sure this move is smooth and seamless. 

No matter if you’re PCSing CONUS or heading abroad, you should consider keeping all of these essential documents in one place. Here are all the items seasoned spouses recommend including in your PCS binder. 

  • Bill termination notices
  • Car titles
  • Contacts for both the current and upcoming duty stations
  • Housing applications
  • Household inventory
  • Insurance documents
  • Marriage license
  • Medical records
  • Other paperwork that must be accounted for during every phase of the move - these are the documents relating to Out-Processing from your current installation
  • Passports
  • Personal documents
  • Reservations for travel

PCS moves require a lot of coordination. But when you take the time to assemble the most important documents all in one place, you can remove some of the hidden stressors that might crop up along the way. Remember that organization is going to be critical as you prepare to move. This binder helps keep all of your important documents in one place, making your move a little less stressful. 

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