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Living in Camp Pendleton Military Housing vs Living in Town


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There are so many benefits of living in Camp Pendleton military housing. From the convenience of it all, cost-saving, schools, and a great sense of community, there are so many things that make Camp Pendleton on-base housing so great. But whether you’re living on base or in town, there's lots to consider: rent, nearby stores, entertainment, the list goes on and on. Deciding where you want to live can be overwhelming. So we’re here to help.

Camp Pendleton Military Housing Rent

Rent is expensive, and in sunny beautiful San Diego, it can be really expensive. Whether you’re living in town or on base, there’s lots to consider when it comes to rent, and it’s a great starting point when looking for a place to live. Rent can really vary from off-base prices to on-base prices, so it’s important to be aware of all of your options.

Homes On Base

One of the best ways to save money? Live on base. You can benefit from the reduced rent and choose from dozens of listings on base. Living in Camp Pendleton military housing locates you directly next to Camp Pendleton, diminishing your commute-related costs as well. At Liberty Military, your basic allowance for housing (BAH) covers your entire rent, gas, water, and normal electricity usage. Camp Pendleton offers a variety of housing communities at varying price points and levels of accommodation, so there is certainly something there for everyone.

With rent starting from $1,100 at Liberty Military Housing in Camp Pendleton, you can find out more about specials for your family by contacting us on our website or by phone at 760-712-3788.

In addition to affordable Camp Pendleton rent, living with LMH makes being a military family a little easier. Local resources, free classes and workshops, pet-friendly communities with no pet deposit, free family events, employment opportunities, 24/7 emergency maintenance, easy commute to base, and more are all offered to our military families to make life richer in more ways than just financially.

Homes Off Base

There are many homes for sale and rent around Camp Pendleton in neighborhoods such as Ocean Side, Vista, Bonsall, Fallbrook, Encinitas, and Murietta. Many of these homes are priced quite a bit higher than the homes on Camp Pendleton, and if you’re looking for less expensive rent, your commute will likely be longer as well. However, there are military housing benefits that can help to offset the cost of living off base, including benefits that cover utilities, move-in costs, and maintenance.

Average cost of off-base living near Camp Pendleton:

$1,225 for a studio

$1,603 for a 1-bedroom

$1,865 for a 2-bedroom

$2,548 for a 3-bedroom

Schools and Community

It’s no question that when relocating, especially with your family, one of the top priorities are the schools nearby and the community surrounding your new area. Moving can be overwhelming, but with a great community and great schools, it can make it easier and also exciting! Luckily, the area around Camp Pendleton, located between Los Angeles and San Diego, has a great community and school system. However, there are some differences between living on and off base. 

There are three different counties that span across Camp Pendleton: Orange County, San Diego County, and Riverside County. Within these counties and due to the large size of Camp Pendleton, there are many schools to choose from. You can find a comprehensive list of these schools here

The vast number of great schools nearby really contributes to the strong sense of community on base. You’re living next to other families who are there for similar reasons and since many families move in and out of the base, it’s a community that’s ready to meet you with open arms.

Schooling On Base

On base, there are five different non-DoD schools to choose from. These schools are great for giving kids living on base a greater sense of community, as the students at these schools are likely on base residents as well. The location of these schools on-base adds to the value of living in Camp Pendleton military housing. Some of the schools on base are top rated in their school district.

Schooling Off Base

There are dozens of schools to choose from off base, but it’s a great idea to decide where you want to live based on the school district you decide to send your little ones to. While most of the schools in the area are great ones, it’s definitely important to do your research and be aware of the schools’ reputation and rankings. Off base, there are also many colleges and universities available for adults. Military dependents also qualify for in-state tuition at community colleges.

Entertainment, Amenities, and Nearby Stores

Another important question: what’s nearby? Southern California is known for its beautiful beaches, but there is more to enjoy than the sun and sea. Whether you want to live in a quiet neighborhood or in a home close to entertainment, these are more of the important factors to consider when deciding to live on or off base. 

On Base

On-base housing goes hand in hand with a number of other benefits, such as the entertainment nearby and the different amenities available to the base’s residents. There is no shortage of entertainment on base: golfing, horseback riding, movie theaters, hiking, camping, a bowling alley, and restaurants ensure that there is always something fun to do. There are also a number of stores on base for grocery shopping and clothing needs. The convenience of their location on-base makes it easy and accessible for residents on base. The base also has bus stops throughout their many acres, making it even easier for residents to get around. It’s also a great way to avoid Southern California traffic.

LMH also offers over 20 different residential communities for residents to choose from. Each community features homes that cater to different family needs and feature different amenities in each home. These communities on base make it easy to find what you’re looking for in the most affordable way.

Off Base 

Living off base does not mean that you can’t find the same amenities and options for entertainment in your area. However, you might have to look a little harder to make sure that you have everything you want within close distance. There are an abundance of grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping centers available to you within driving distance.

No matter where you choose to live, there is a lot to keep you busy in Southern California. Not to mention, you’re driving distance from SeaWorld, Legoland, and Disneyland. It’s also worth a visit to La Jolla and Downtown San Diego and some of the beautiful beaches in Orange County. So make sure to take advantage of all that Southern California has to offer! 

Deciding what is right for you and your family can be a difficult decision to make, but there are many benefits to living on base or off base, especially in the Camp Pendleton area. With so many great schooling options, the affordability of Camp Pendleton on-base housing, the supportive community, and the beautiful surroundings, we’re sure you’ll love your new home. If you and your family are planning your move to Camp Pendleton, make the process as seamless as possible by choosing Liberty Military Housing to find the perfect home for you.


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