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Mil spouse and LMH Employee Christy McBride just PCS’d in the middle of a pandemic


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Christy started with LMH way back in 2011 at Quantico as a CSR. She’s been promoted to new roles ever since, and this May will mark a decade of her time with Lincoln. Christy worked at the Heroes Manor site for about eight years and is now transitioning into her new role in Barstow, California. 

“It’s been a true blessing to be able to stay with Lincoln in this capacity,” said McBride.

Christy fully believes that LMH team members live up to our mission every single day. She says that helping her military community has been both personally and professionally rewarding. 

“As an active duty spouse, I truly understand what’s going on in the lives of our residents. I know the stressors that a military family has - from having kids at home to dealing with deployment, I’ve lived it. Being a mil spouse is a balancing act,” she said.

McBride thinks there’s no one better to work for Lincoln than a military spouse. 

“Who better to serve our residents and families than someone who understands our military culture,” she said.

McBride is incredibly proud of LMH’s commitment to our residents. She said it’s easy to live up to our mission because she knows who we’re serving. 

“As a company, we’re there to provide an outlet for our families. It’s a great way to take part in our military community and give back to the service members who serve our country,” she said.

PCSing during a pandemic wasn’t a picnic, but Christy said it was one part balancing act and one part leaning on her skills as a military spouse. Orders were delayed, and the PCS wasn’t as seamless as some others, but overall, she feels like it’s been beneficial for her family. 

“It’s been a great opportunity to spend more time together as a family. My husband has been in for 18 years, so we know what it’s like to move. This pandemic has given us a chance to build our family. Now we have a chance to really bond,” she said. 

The McBride family also took advantage of the FOCUS Program. Families Over Coming Under Stress offers resiliency training for military families, children, and couples. 

Most important, Christy said she’s so grateful that Lincoln understood her family’s PCS. 

“We’ve been given the opportunity to put family first and embody our core values,” she said, which has been incredibly valuable during these historic times. 

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