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Pinspiration State Canvas Art


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If you've been around the military community for any period of time, you know how much it feels like you're constantly recreating "home." As the PCSs add up, so too do the states or places you've called home. In this fun and interactive DIY craft, create an interactive piece of wall art for your home and showcase all the places the military has sent you and your family. It's easy, inexpensive, and the perfect craft for a virtual Girl's Night! The best part is you can easily personalize this for any state or country - the possibilities are endless! 


  • White Canvas (Choose any size that fits your space)
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Paper (cardstock may work best)
  • Printed Outline of Your State 
  • Xacto Knife, or Scissors
  • Paint, your choice of colors
  • Foam Brush
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Heart Sticker (or paint your own if you can free hand it)
  • Water Cup (Use to rinse brushes in between colors
  • Pencil


  • Find your state outline template online.
  • Print your desired state and cut along the perimeter.
  • Trace the state template lightly on your canvas with a pencil.
  • Use painters tape to create a background design if desired.
  • Portion paint color on a paper plate.
  • Fill in outlines with desired paint colors.
  • Add a tagline, heart, or quote to add your personal touch.

Happy Creating!

Did you make this art? Post it to our social channels - we'd love to see all the places you call home.

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