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Spring Cleaning Tips: Military Style


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After back-to-back moves, the last thing you want to think about is organizing or deep cleaning your home. If you

After moving every few years, often to a new state or country, you’ve neglected to unpack the boxes, organize the knick-knacks, and deep clean your home. Usually, the frequent moves and less-permanent living situations mean that cleaning takes a back seat. But not to worry. Spring is the perfect time to organize your home and get everything in order. After all, a clean and tidy house makes all the difference, no matter how long you plan to stay.

Below are some spring cleaning tips for military families to get you in the spirit of new beginnings!

Make a List

When you think about cleaning the whole house, you may feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. First, make a cleaning to-do list. You can even create a plan for each room to break it down even further. And be specific with your tasks. Instead of merely saying “clean the kitchen,” list each step like “mop the floor” or “clean out the fridge.” This way, you can cross off each task as it gets done. And as we all know, there are few things more satisfying than crossing out items on the to-do list!

Rally the Troops

Tidying up the whole house can be a big job, so try recruiting the little ones to help! Even young children are great helpers, as long as you make it fun. For example, challenge your children to a race to see who can clean out their old toys first. Or, promise a special treat or reward for a job well done. You can also use spring cleaning as a chance to teach your kids an important lesson about giving. Encourage your children to donate their extra toys and clothes. Not only will cleaning your military home go much quicker, but you will be helping your children learn in the meantime!

Be Rid of Boxes!

Don’t feel guilty if you haven’t gotten around to unpacking all of your boxes; you’re not alone. Between PCS moves, changes in orders, and the overall stress of moving, it’s no wonder that many military families don’t always fully unpack. But even though you might not use the things in those dusty boxes in the back of your closet, it will still give you peace of mind to take care of them. Take a weekend to dive into those long-forgotten boxes, organize what you need, and donate what you don’t. Even transferring your belongings into a nicer storage container will help you be more organized. Plus, these storage containers are convenient for your next military relocation move.

Shredding Time

As a military family, you are likely very familiar with paperwork! While it’s essential to keep these documents for the needed amount of time, it may be time to shred some older stuff. Shredding important documents ensure that your address, social security number, birthday, and other sensitive information is protected - if you have a shredder, great! If not, contact the base as they likely have shredding resources for military members.

Cleaning may not be the most pressing priority for many military families, but spring is the perfect season to get your home in order. Make specific lists, use the whole family’s help, unpack those age-old boxes, and shred old documents to clear some space up at home and revitalize your space!

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