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Top 7 Remote Jobs for Military Spouses to Work from Home


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Life in the military means you're on the move a little more than the average worker. Fortunately, there are plenty of Work From Home (WFH) jobs that you can take with you during your military adventure! Working remotely also gives you more time to be home, which means spending more time with your family instead of commuting to work.

There are many remote career options, from creating a startup to doing freelance work with clients. If you're looking to start a career that fits your life on the move, consider these seven remote jobs for military spouses.

Work From Home Jobs for Military Spouses 

Lifestyle Blogger

Many military spouses have found their niche in the blogging world, sharing their experiences on all things military life. The average base pay for a blogger is $30,000 annually, so being a full-time blogger can be a lucrative career move - just be wary that it can take some time to earn any profit at all if you're starting a blog from scratch. Blogging allows you to share topics that interest you and on your time, making it perfect for military spouses on the move!

Digital Marketer

Due to their flexibility, digital marketing jobs make for great work-from-home jobs for military spouses. This career path includes several positions, from managing social media accounts to creating email campaigns for clients. Whether you work remotely with a digital ad agency or set up your own consulting business, the average annual salary for digital marketers is $62,000, but that may vary depending on your focus.


Being an entrepreneur is a wonderful way to work from home. Because you are the owner of your business, you have the power to define your work hours and location. However, be ready to put in a large amount of time to build up your business. From starting a consulting business to inventing a new product to designing clothes, bring your vision to life and pursue your entrepreneurial dream.

Freelance Copywriter

If starting a blog and waiting for it to earn an income doesn't fit your timeline, another writing opportunity is freelance copywriting. Many copywriting opportunities exist in a range of industries, meaning that you can work on the content that interests you. Depending on how many projects you take on, freelance writers make an average of $42,000 annually. Team up with creative talent agencies who focus on pairing writers with clients!

Online Teacher

If you have an educational background and want to teach but find it challenging to commit to teaching a regular school year at a physical school, online teaching might be an excellent route to take. Many military children are enrolled in schools online for the same reason, so you'll most likely be helping another military family! The average annual salary for online teachers is $35,000 and can increase depending on teaching level.

Personal Trainer

Athletic military spouses can put their physical skills to work with personal training. No matter which community military life moves you to, there is always a need for fitness. This job can move wherever you are, whether you take up residency at a local gym, offer in-home consultations, or even set up a virtual personal training practice. The average annual salary is $33,000 and has a few requirements that are easy to obtain, such as a personal trainer certification.

Technical Support

Many companies are hiring for remote technical support jobs that allow you to help customers from the comfort of your home. If you have a technical background and enjoy helping find solutions for others, this remote job enables you to work with big-name companies. IT jobs tend to take place 24/7, making it a viable option for those who want to work flexible hours. On average, remote technical support jobs pay $37,000 annually.

Temporary housing and moving for the military shouldn't make it difficult to hold a permanent job. From technical jobs to creative projects to physical endeavors, there is a wide range of remote jobs for military spouses from all backgrounds. Find what fits your skill-set and set up your own office, whether that's in your kitchen or a local coffee shop!

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