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Virtual Financial Education Workshops


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LMH was proud to partner with USAA Military Affairs to offer two FREE financial education workshops. Please make sure you watch the recording! So sit back and join us from the convenience of your home.

Session 1: Personal Finances Workshop

This workshop will help you develop a strategy to spend less than you earn, make savvy calls on insurance, and review your options to save for today and invest for your future.

Session 2: Financial Wellness During a Pandemic

Join us as we discuss what’s happening and what you should be doing (or not!) to safeguard your finances. The sessions are scheduled for an hour and a half, but no questions will go unanswered. 


Click here to learn more about USAA's Response to COVID-19

Be sure to check out our recent blog post "New Location, New You" by guest blogger, JJ Montanaro, CFP®, courtesy of USAA.



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