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LMH Sets Ambitious Target to Reach 110,000+ Training Hours Enterprise-wide in 2021


This is an update on the announcement. The correction: LMH Sets Ambitious Target to Reach 110,000+ Training Hours

LMH's CEO/COO Philip Rizzo recently announced the launch of a new innovative program to bolster its workforce's training and development. LMH, a leading provider of military housing, has set an ambitious goal to achieve 150+ hours of annual training for each team member and over 110,000 hours as an organization.

The new program called EmpHour provides uninterrupted scheduled time dedicated to training and professional development, enhancing every team member's skills and knowledge across the organization. The extensive training program will most importantly ensure a consistent, efficient, quality experience for all 36,000 families living with LMH.

Part of the company's mission is to provide team members with unparalleled opportunities for professional growth and development, and LMH designed its latest training initiative with that goal in mind. EmpHour provides team members time to embrace educational opportunities that facilitate learning and growth as professionals.

Through the implementation of this program, there has also been a heavy emphasis on training development, which focuses on topics ranging from best workplace practices to workplace culture and modules that offer insight into serving military families best.

EmpHour is a training initiative unique to any of the training programs currently implemented in the multifamily or military housing landscape. The Association for Talent Development reported in 2020 that larger companies have been "increasing their investment in staff training over the last few years" and that the average number of training hours provided annually has increased to 34.7 hours per employee.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of LMH providing exemplary service to military families. CEO/COO Philip Rizzo recently asked all team members to rededicate their daily efforts to meet that mission. "Research reflects that average mid-sized companies provide just 34.7 hours of training annually. The EmpHour initiative helps our teams increase that number fivefold. In turn, this will help us fulfill our mission to our military families, partners, and our teams," said Rizzo.

With the first quarter not yet over, LMH team members have already completed 50,000+ hours of training. EmpHour serves as that commitment to team members and allows each person to set time for professional development. Training is instrumental in creating a dynamic and well-rounded team. As technology continues to advance and workplace methodology improves, team members need to align skills, knowledge, values, and abilities. EmpHour will help enhance learning with ongoing training that exposes team members to relevant courses, improving performance over time.


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