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Allegiant Air Offers Waived Fees for Military Members


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Allegiant Air is making military travel a little easier and more affordable for families taking a trip this summer. Through its Allegiant Honors program, military families are eligible to receive free travel services, including:

  • Up to three checked bags (weight limitations apply)
  • One carry-on bag (with size limits)
  • Free seat assignments when available
  • Free boarding pass printing

Plus, Allegiant Air will accommodate a military member’s pet to fly in the cabin sans the associated cost, as well as provide priority boarding and no fees if a flight is cancelled or changed for active military members on orders.

To receive these military family benefits, a person must provide a valid military ID or military dependent ID. Military dependents do not need to be traveling with a military member, as long as they have proper identification, to be part of the program. This is good news for military families who are reuniting after temporarily being apart. Additionally, it makes military travel easier not just for the busy summer months, but throughout the year for holidays, graduations, and new orders requiring a move to a new military installation and home.

The Allegiant Honors program is a way to show gratitude to the men and women who serve our country and appreciation for the support of their families. Allegiant Air has already aimed to be one of the more budget-friendly airlines to fly in the U.S., offering cheaper fares than many of its competitors in terms of actual flight fees, but adding extras like carry-on bag fees. Now with this program, military members and their families can stick to a less expensive travel budget by taking advantage of the reduced fare prices, while still having the add-on fees waived.

For a full list of free services offered and qualifications, review the details of the discount program on the Allegiant Air website.

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