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Andy Killion Looks back on his Lincoln Journey


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Andy Killion, Director of Military Affairs and National RECP Manager, and his family became happy Lincoln Military Housing residents when he PCSed in 2005. He had the opportunity to see and experience first-hand the metamorphosis that had taken place when military housing changed to a Public-Private Venture. 

When he first moved into a Lincoln Military Housing home, little did he know that he would one day come to work closely with Lincoln Military Housing with the Government as Camp Pendleton’s Housing Director and ultimately join the Lincoln team in October 2012. Andy offers a unique perspective from his vantage point as a resident, Government partner, and Lincoln team member. “Every mission begins at home” is more than a motto to Andy; it’s an ethos with profound meaning for who we are and what we do as an organization.

“As a Marine and family man, I knew that when I was away from my family for extended periods of time, they were in good hands with Lincoln and were going to be taken care of. In fact, when I returned from the deployment to Iraq in 2007, my family had moved to another Lincoln community aboard the Base; the easiest military move I ever made! From my wife and daughters’ perspectives, though, every aspect of the process was handled thoughtfully, professionally, and compassionately by Lincoln team members who significantly eased the burden on my family during this challenging period. Not having to worry about my family allowed me to focus on my Marines and mission.”

This example illustrates what Andy has personally experienced and knows to be true for the military families who live with Lincoln. How well we do our job in taking care of our military families directly influences how well our service members can focus on their training and mission. In that vein, the impact that we have had on tens of thousands of military families is incalculable. As Andy would say while Housing Director, “The difference with Lincoln is that “they get it.” They truly understand the military culture and the unique needs of military families; everything Lincoln does is focused on meeting the needs of our military families.” 

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Every Mission Begins at Home