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Bringing Holiday Cheer to Military Families with Liberty Military Housing


 The holiday season is a special time that is meant to be spent with loved ones. However, it can be a lonely time for members of the military and their families who are far away from home or have a spouse on deployment. That's why our Liberty Military Housing (Liberty) teams work tirelessly to host community events during the holiday season. These events are aimed at bringing some extra cheer to those who serve our country.

Southwest Navy Liberty team members hosted a special event exclusively for Liberty families with deployed service members. The two-day Thanksgiving celebration provided the families with a complete Thanksgiving dinner and an afternoon gathering at Dave & Buster's, filled with delicious food, gameplay cards, and a chance to connect with other families with deployed service members.

“We are honored to host this event for military families. Recognizing their daily sacrifices to serve our country and show our support and appreciation is crucial. We sincerely hope this event brought joy and comfort to these families during the holiday season.” said Daniel Turkin, Regional Vice President for the Southwest Navy region.

The Southwest Marines region provided residents with everything needed for a full Thanksgiving dinner and crafts for the families to complete together and a Bread Basket event where families chose from various prepared meals, including chicken pot pie, lasagna, chicken alfredo, and pizza. Each meal came with a delightful charcuterie board and cupcakes for dessert.

Team members in the West Army region held a Pumpkin Pie Drive-Thru event, providing 300 military families with a delicious pumpkin pie to enjoy during their Thanksgiving meals, as well as a festive holiday storytime attended by 29 residents and their children and craft gathering, where attendees receive complimentary books and 160 residents took advantage of an enchanting Zoolights event at Point Defiance Zoo, featuring holiday lights adorning the zoo, a do-it-yourself gift-wrapping station with complimentary wrapping supplies and a cozy stop at the hot cocoa station.

The Mid-Atlantic team collaborated with Clippers, a local landscaping company, to distribute 518 gift certificates for Butterball turkeys across 21 districts. Additionally, Liberty provided families with a bread kit that they could use to prepare food, giving them a chance to bond this holiday season.

During the recent Thanksgiving holiday, 21 districts throughout Hampton Roads, VA came together to collect canned food and other perishable items. These items were donated to the Armed Services YMCA’s Patriot Pantry, which assists families dealing with food insecurity, or other local food banks and non-profit organizations. The Patriot Pantry was also used by 86 families, consisting of 357 individuals, to secure items for their Thanksgiving celebration. The Pantry will continue to be open for four Tuesdays throughout December. For more information about the Patriot Pantry, please click here.

Residents of Liberty can look forward to a variety of planned events in their regions throughout December. Some of the planned events include Christmas tree giveaways for families in the San Diego region. Meanwhile, residents in the Mid-Atlantic region will enjoy an Admirals Hockey game and an after-game skating experience with the players. Additionally, there will be gift-wrapping parties, wreath-making sessions, an Exceptional Family Member Holiday Party, holiday bingo, ornament painting, and special visits from Santa Claus!

We understand that nothing can replace a deployed spouse or fully substitute celebrating the holidays with family. At Liberty, we are committed to standing alongside our military families and offering support, joy, and a sense of community during this holiday season. Our goal is to create special moments that brighten the holiday season and strengthen the bonds within our Liberty community. Together, we face unique challenges, share the joys, and create lasting memories, ensuring that no one feels alone during this time of year. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of your holiday experience and look forward to spreading the spirit of warmth and togetherness throughout our communities.


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