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Car Care for the Military Family


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Like many other bases, Quantico Marine Corps Base has a variety of specialty shops and services for military families. Marines and their families can find one of these fantastic services at the Quantico Auto Skills Center. Headed by Michael Cushman and a well-trained team, Military Members and their families can attend classes at the center and perform a variety of car care needs. 

They have hands-on, trained staff members who can assist car owners and perform several services that range from oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid checks to changing your brakes. Besides the free essential car care maintenance, they also perform other services like wheel alignments, fuel induction cleanings, repairing flat tires, tire balancing, and more for a minimal fee.

Lincoln Military Housing families at Quantico were offered an incredible opportunity to take a firsthand tour of the center at community service events. The Auto Skills Center team welcomed our families with open arms and a friendly guided class, Car Maintenance for Women and Teens. This course was designed to teach our families the basics, check your oil, tire pressure, parts of a car, and the systems that keep it running. Did You Know that you could do damage to your tire by having the wrong amount of air in them? Having too much or too little air affects your car. Inside most cars, a label tells you how much air should be in each tire.

With a center like this at your fingertips, you could save on various services you are currently paying for.

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