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Claudia Soto Celebrates 15 Years at LMH


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Claudia Soto began her career with Lincoln Military Housing in 2006 when the company was just five years old. She is a military spouse, a military mom, and in her current role, a Call Center representative who works with our military families. 


"Back when the company first started, they gave me a choice of what I wanted to do. I chose to be a Service Manager because I wanted to be out and about," said Soto.

She stayed in that role for about three years and then was internally promoted to Assistant Manager. She then transferred to Pomerado Terrace, where she worked for ten years. At Pomerado Terrace, Soto switched positions and became a Bookkeeper. Now, she's working in what she calls "a completely different part of Lincoln," and she's enjoying her new role. 

Soto says she's been working with military families her entire life and can't imagine doing anything else with her time. Soto says working at the Call Center isn't so much about answering calls as it is about helping to directly impact the lives of military families. 

"There have been so many young families that I've been able to help and guide. They're all just starting out. It's their first home, first time away from home, first everything, really. I get to assist them and that's a really rewarding experience," she said. 

Soto is a former Marine Corps spouse, and she lived in military housing, so she knows precisely what military families experience on a day-to-day basis. She said that what LMH does for military families is just remarkable.

"I love the way Lincoln treats military families because we really do care," she said. 

During her fifteen-year tenure, Soto has interacted with thousands of military families and worked hard to ensure each one has the best possible experience living with LMH. She said she especially loves helping spouses figure out how to do things on their own.

"When I get to talk to the wives and the moms through how to do little things like reset a garbage disposal or change an air filter, I get really excited. It's amazing listening to them figure these things out and then they get excited, too," she said. 

Soto calls her role at the Call Center "the perfect place" for her. She said she's extremely blessed to have been with Lincoln for fifteen years and is planning to stay on for at least fifteen more. 

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