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DIY Coffee Bar Ideas from Moving with the Military


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Making your military housing feel like home can be challenging when you feel like you are always on the move. Whether you’re on the move for PCS orders or running out the door to take the kids to school and go to work, nothing beats a good old cup of Joe. 

If you’re looking to perk up your coffee routine, we have good news! With the help of Moving with the Military, we first gave you some DIY entryway ideas. Now, we will show you how to refurbish a dresser into a DIY coffee bar!

Watch the video below for military home decor ideas that can transform your old dresser into a chic and functional coffee station:

Moving with the Military and Lincoln Military Housing

Lincoln Military Housing is proud to team up with Maria Reed and Moving with the Military to bring decorating tips and tricks to military families through a multi-part how-to mini-series. Moving with the Military is a home improvement, and lifestyle series dedicated to helping military families find easy, affordable, removable, and reusable design solutions to add the perfect amount of personalization and comfort to military housing.

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas from a Refurbished Dresser

In this episode, Maria visits Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio to show viewers how to make a coffee bar out of a refurbished dresser on a budget! With a simple DIY coffee bar redesign and two decor ideas to liven up your space, Maria brings some serious designs that will seriously perk you up!

Whether you are a military parent raising a family, a military spouse going to work, a military child going through college, or a military family making a move to a new home, military life can be nonstop. For the person who’s always on the go, coffee is a wonderful pick-me-up to get your morning started and power you through a long day. On slower days, meeting for coffee with friends is a relaxing way to catch up. Turn your military home into your exclusive and personalized coffee shop! All it requires is a coffee machine, your favorite mugs, a refurbished dresser, and a touch of personal flair.

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