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DIY Nursery Ideas on a Budget from Moving with the Military


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Making sure your home is comfortable for all members of the family is important to live a comfortable and happy life. Raising a family in military housing is a unique and exciting experience, especially if your growing family involves a newborn. 

With the help of Moving with the Military, we first gave you some DIY entryway ideas and tips on how to refurbish an old dresser into a DIY coffee bar. This time, we share how to make your military house a home for the littlest of your military family with DIY nursery ideas!

Moving with the Military and Lincoln Military Housing

Lincoln Military Housing is proud to team up with Maria Reed and Moving with the Military to bring decorating tips and tricks to military families through a multi-part how-to mini-series. Moving with the Military is a home improvement, and lifestyle series dedicated to helping military families find easy, affordable, removable, and reusable design solutions to add the perfect amount of personalization and comfort to military housing.

DIY Nursery Decor for Any Budget

In this episode, Maria visits Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio to give her expert design tips on a budget to create a beautifully-decorated nursery. These DIY nursery decor ideas give your precious one’s room a unique and personalized touch. If you already have children, get their help to make a DIY nursery mobile! Or, if you are a first-time parent, use this time to bond with your military spouse while nesting.

When you are raising a military family, we know life can get hectic. Having a dedicated space that you feel confident in for raising your children will give you peace of mind, giving you one less thing to worry about! A nursery is a space for you just as much as it is for your bundle of joy, so be sure to add in some DIY nursery crafts that make you smile - even during those 3 am feedings!


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