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Embracing Growth: A Military Spouse's Journey with Liberty Military Housing


Military life requires resiliency, adaptability, and personal growth.  Lindsey Wynn, a military spouse from Michigan, embarked on a journey when she and her family relocated to Camp Pendleton in 2020. Lindsey's story is one of determination, ambition, and dedication.

As a military spouse, Lindsey Wynn understands the transient nature of military life and its challenges to finding a sense of belonging. She has lived in multiple base housing communities, which has given her a deep appreciation for Liberty Military Housing's mission statement: "To provide military families with quality homes and vibrant neighborhoods." Lindsey believes that a home should be more than just a physical space; it should be a place where families can thrive and create lasting memories. 

Lindsey's role as a Leasing Coordinator allowed her to impact the lives of military families directly. She understands their unique challenges, such as frequent relocations, deployments, and the need for stability amidst an ever-changing environment. Through her work, she has witnessed firsthand the difference a supportive housing community can make in easing the burdens of military life. Recognizing her passion for property management and real estate, Lindsey eagerly embraced the opportunity to advance her career within Liberty Military Housing. In October 2022, she transitioned to the role of Non-QMT program lead. This change aligned perfectly with her aspirations and her pursuit of a business degree. Lindsey views her involvement with Liberty Military Housing as a stepping stone toward establishing a successful career she loves.

Lindsey's dedication and hard work were noticed within the Liberty community. In 2023, she was nominated for the LEA Rising Star award, an accolade that recognizes outstanding individuals in the company.  Lindsey feels honored to be recognized and is grateful for the unparalleled personal and professional development opportunities that Liberty Military Housing provides its team members.

Lindsey's journey with Liberty Military Housing has been an extraordinary one. From her initial role as a Leasing Coordinator to her current position as the Non-QMT program lead and a LEA Rising Star nominee, she has demonstrated unwavering dedication, resilience, and a true passion for serving military families. Lindsey's growth within Liberty Military Housing is a testament to the company's mission of providing exceptional homes and fostering personal and professional development.





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