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Employee-Owner Spotlight: Interview with Ingrid Saner



Saner Says She Didn’t Find Lincoln, Lincoln Found Her
Ingrid Saner went to school to become a Speech Pathologist and expected to get back to her first career “at some point.” But that’s not the plan life had in store for her. 

“I didn’t find Liberty,” said Saner. “Liberty found me. I was living in a Lincoln property trying to figure out what to do with my lease. Someone suggested I interview and I thought it would at least be a job to get me through, but now it’s a career,” she said. 

Saner said that when she made the choice to follow her new career to Virginia Beach, she knew property management was going to be her forever-career. Saner served as the District Manager at Willoughby Bay until 2011 and then started to think about needing a change of pace. A few months later, Saner was asked to join the construction team.  

“When I came into construction, the only thing I had going for me was I knew property management. I knew that the new role would be different, but it also felt like a way to utilize all of my knowledge,” she said. 

Ultimately, Saner says everything she helps accomplish for LMH helps support the residents and military families even though big changes take time. 

“Even a new fence can make a resident feel better about their homes. That helps change the feel of the community. Right now at Quantico, we’re working on changing the roadways. So the resident might not see the little stuff when it’s done one by one, but it’s easy to see when you step back. It’s all in an effort to make the homes continue to feel like homes,” she said.

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