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For Talya, Working at LMH is a Personal Mission


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We chatted with Talya Kingsolver, a Leasing Specialist at our Welcome Center in Norfolk. Here’s what she had to say. 

Leasing Specialist at the Lincoln Military Housing Call Center, Talya Kingsolver, has helped military families find homes for almost two years. She’s been a mil spouse since 2018 and joined the Lincoln family in 2019. 

Kingsolver says she thinks back to her own first experience with a military move every time she goes to work. 

“My spouse went straight to Charleston after boot camp. Then our first PCS was to Norfolk. I thought about applying to Lincoln when I was looking for a place to live but I looked at the application and got scared. I felt like I knew nothing,” she added.

Kingsolver said her role at LMH is so personal because she’s lived the experience of the military families callers who reach out looking for a home. She said her position is so rewarding because it’s so relatable, so she does everything in her power to make each caller feel seen and heard.  

“It comes down to integrity,” said Kingsolver. “I talk to all of my residents the way I want to be talked to. A lot of times they just have so many questions and I tell them to ask everything that they want. I’m here to help,” she added. 

Kingsolver has a background in property management but says working at Lincoln is unlike any other experience. 

“It’s so easy to embody our core values and be honest with our residents. I like that everyone here has a personal touch,” she added.

Kingsolver says it’s easy to relate to the military families PCSing into the area because she knows what they’re experiencing and understands the challenges they might face.

Knowing how easy the application process helps Kingsolver make the PCS experience better for incoming spouses. 

“I work with a lot of spouses whose service members are deployed and they’re doing all of this alone. When I explain that I’m a mil spouse, I can hear them get calmer,” she said. 

Kingsolver said that helping military families find housing is just half of what makes her role as a Leasing Specialist so rewarding. 

“My callers ask lots of questions and I’m always happy to answer every single one of them. I find myself offering solutions that are outside of housing because I’ve been there - I know what it’s like not to know anything about a new base. I guide them beyond just finding a home. It’s great to be able to tell them where to go for this or that,” she added.

Talya Kingsolver is just one of many military spouses who helps LMH reach its mission of providing exemplary service to our military families.

Find out more about LMH's mission here.


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