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Fun, Exciting & Affordable Military Family Summer Activities


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One of the best things about summer is there is an opportunity to make new memories with your family. As every military family knows, it can seem challenging to find family time because of demanding work schedules and field rotations. Whether you’re looking to meet your new neighbors after a recent PCS move, have just joined an LMH community, or want to branch out more, we offer many free monthly community events for our residents. You can find information in the event portal.

There are also countless things to do with the whole family outside of our community events. With a little creativity, you can make your family’s summer full of fun and exciting activities without breaking the bank!

Set Up Camp in the Backyard

One of the classic outdoor activities for the summer is camping! However, with kids, you may not have the time or the resources to really “rough it.” Why not set up a campsite right in your backyard? Grab some flashlights and look for ladybugs and crickets, cook hot dogs and s’mores over the grill, or find constellations in the stars. When you’re ready for some shut-eye, get cozy with your favorite blankets and tell stories to each other in your tent, knowing the comfort of your own home is steps away.

Stock Up on Crafting Materials

The summertime heat can leave us feeling wary to step foot outside. Instead of overheating, stay inside where the air conditioning can keep you comfortable! Make a whole day out of staying in by setting up a craft day. As a family, choose some fun crafts to make together. Or, create a crafting competition! Find a craft and see who can replicate it the best. The winner gets to choose what movie and summertime dessert (we suggest s’mores, popsicles, or apple pie and ice cream) to enjoy that night. You’ve done some great family bonding and have something to show for it, too! Put the finished results on display to make your military housing feel even more like home.

Make a Splash at the Pool

Or the beach, or the lake, or even just running through the sprinklers … Everyone knows it just isn’t summer without some fun in the water! Whether your kids are just learning how to swim or they’re practicing to be champion sandcastle builders, summer and water activities go together like hamburgers and hot dogs. No matter where you live, there is a good chance you live close to water. Bury each other in the sand at the beach, learn to water ski at a lake, dig up crawdads in the nearest creek, or go old school with sprinklers and a garden hose in your backyard!

You and the family can enjoy a water day without having to leave your home, too! Our Lincoln Military communities include amenities such as pools, playgrounds, dog parks, and more. Check your district office for a full list of amenities in your community!

Get Away with a Mini Staycation

Sometimes, people forget what their city has to offer. Planning a little staycation is a great way to see what kind of fun things there are to do in your town with the family. Play tourist for a weekend and book a hotel room - many offer discounts to military families - where they offer amenities like a pool or continental breakfast. Do a little research on some things to keep you and your family busy for the weekend. Try some restaurants you’ve never been to or check out the zoo or some museums. Most cities are full of businesses that offer military discounts, so call ahead of time or check their websites to see if you can save a few bucks. A bonus to having a family staycation? Every time you pass by the hotel you stayed in or the park you went to, your family can reminisce about all the fun memories you had there.

Plan a Picnic in the Park

It takes minimal effort and even less money to plan a picnic in the park. After all, what do kids love more than snacks, a playground, and getting dirty? Before heading to the park, be sure to pack all the necessities: your family’s favorite finger food, some water or juice, a tube of sunscreen, and a cozy blanket, of course! The great thing about picnics is you already have all the essentials right at home. Don't forget bug spray, bubbles for the kids, kites if the weather is right, or maybe a portable speaker to play your favorite music. 

Give Back to Your Community

Not only is volunteering a fun, affordable activity to do this summer, but it also helps those around you! At LMH, we are passionate about giving back to our community and having several fun events for our families. To learn more about events coming to your neighborhood, check out our many Family Programs & Events.

As the summer wraps up and school is around the corner, make the most of the remaining free time you have to spend with the whole family. These fun, exciting, and affordable military family summer activities are simple but effective ways to soak up the sun and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones!

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