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Happy Anniversary, LMH!


Please join us on August 1 to celebrate LMH’s 20th anniversary! It’s a wonderful occasion for us and we’re honored and humbled to play such an essential role in helping service members and their families live in comfortable and safe housing. We started LMH with one mission in mind - to provide military families with exceptional service and quality housing.  

Much has changed over the last twenty years. Shortly after we opened our doors, the 9/11 terrorist attacks launched America and the world into a long war against terror. We knew right away that we needed to do all we could to help prepare America’s military families for extended deployments and the uncertainty that comes with war. We strove to ensure that the families who call LMH home knew that they were part of a community. We developed communities with larger front yards to help neighbors get to know one another. We implemented a robust community services program to further that goal, and we did all we could to cheer for returning service members coming home from deployment. 

Now, two decades on, our mission is still the same - to provide military families with exceptional service in quality home environments. We aim to achieve this mission by embodying our core values. We strive to provide our team members and our partners with a sense of balance so that we can achieve more together. We are committed to providing exceptional service for those who serve our country, and no matter the stakes, we speak and act honorably and do the right thing. We are driven by our respect for the military and our empathy for service members and their families. LMH team members are empowered to be proactive and take ownership of our success. Many of our team members have deep connections with the military, and these connections help us produce a shared understanding that guides all of our interactions. 

We would not be the company we are today were it not for your assistance, support, and dedication to our mission. We are deeply honored to shoulder this tremendous responsibility. Thank you for letting us serve the military, and thank you for being a part of our foundation.

We look forward to sharing the next 20 years with you. 

In the last twenty years, LMH has proudly hosted and sponsored more than 12,000 resident events across the country. All of these events have been designed with one thing in mind - you and your family. We truly believe that community is the best amenity. We work hard to ensure our residents have the tools and resources needed to successfully navigate the challenges of the military way of life. 

For the last two decades, we’ve had the privilege of providing homes and creating communities for military families just like yours. We’re honored that you choose to live with Lincoln and strive to provide you with as much support, understanding, and empathy as possible. We know you have a choice when it comes to where you live, and we’re delighted you call LMH home. 

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