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Happy Birthday, America!



Sunday, July 4th, marks the 245th Anniversary of the historic adoption of the Declaration of Independence, signed just 14 months after the Revolutionary War began. For 245 years, our country has paused to acknowledge those who have given their lives for our freedom. We celebrate our hard-won independence, which has been preserved for generations by the men and women who followed in the tradition of those early revolutionaries.  On Sunday, we salute the spirit of America. 

Together, we commemorate and honor the heroes to whom we owe our freedom, peace, and happiness. Without the sacrifice of our nation’s military, and the families who support them - the very families we serve each day, there would be no Independence Day. 

We come from diverse backgrounds and yet, we are all Americans. Our flag and our country keep us united. Let us take time to honor the courage and faith we share as Americans. 

On this special day, let’s all make a promise to lead our country on a path of prosperity and peace.

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves."

-Abraham Lincoln

Here’s to keeping the flame of liberty burning high and bright. 


Philip J. Rizzo



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