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Improving Resident Satisfaction with CEL & Lincoln Military Housing


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At Lincoln Military Housing, our mission is to provide military families with exemplary service in a quality home environment. The Resident Satisfaction Survey gives our military families a voice, and with their feedback, our goal is to continuously improve our communities.

What is the Resident Satisfaction Survey from CEL Associates?

Each year, our military families complete a Resident Satisfaction Survey (RSS) through CEL Associates to compile customer satisfaction survey data from thousands of properties across the country. Since 1998, CEL Associates has awarded A-List Awards For Customer Service Excellence in recognition of achieving a “Best In The Industry” rating for providing the highest level and quality of service. The survey is one metric the government partners utilize in providing oversight for all public-private ventures (PPVs). Lincoln Military Housing takes our RSS responses seriously and utilizes insights to improve the quality of life for our residents.

The Resident Satisfaction Survey gathers responses from residents to gauge overall satisfaction, property satisfaction, and service satisfaction. According to CEL Associates, business success factors used to summarize resident satisfaction include:

  • Readiness to Solve Problems
  • Responsiveness and Follow-Through
  • Property Appearance and Condition
  • Quality of Management Services
  • Quality of Maintenance Services
  • Quality of Leasing Services
  • Property Rating
  • Relationship Rating
  • Renewal Intention

By gathering this feedback from our military families, Lincoln Military Housing is able to gain immediate and actionable information from our communities and have better insight into the experience we are providing our families. Feedback from residents allows us to improve operations, service, and performance through open communication. Through this process, we are also able to build stronger relationships with our residents.

We take great pride in the effort we put into creating a quality home environment for our military families. Every Resident Satisfaction Survey is thoughtfully read by our LMH team and your responses play a significant role in the changes made.

Other Ways Lincoln Military is Listening

While our Resident Satisfaction Survey through CEL Associates takes place once a year, we want our communities to have their voices heard year-round. Our goal is to ensure our families are always able to provide feedback easily, frequently, and anonymously if preferred.

If you have any other feedback outside of surveys offered, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly at, as your feedback is the foundation for a better and stronger future with Lincoln Military Housing.

Follow this link to find more information about our programs and services. 


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