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Read what LMH employee Shay has to say about working at the company.

Interview with Shaylene Warembourg, Resident Communication Associate


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Shaylene Warembourg is a military spouse, mom, and team member at LMH. We spoke with her about the struggles mil spouses face and what she thinks is the best part of working at Lincoln.

Shay has been with Lincoln for about three years. In that time, she went from a district-level job to the corporate level with onsite transfers at Quantico and then a PCS to Camp Lejeune. 

“I can’t express how amazing LMH has been. They’ve provided me with so much flexibility with my family. That’s one of the reasons I was so interested in working with LMH. Our company core mission aligns with my family’s, too,” she said.

Providing exemplary customer service to military families is at the core of every interaction she has. At the district level, Shay said that her own experience as a mil spouse helped her with every single move-in. 

“Every concern that was brought to me, I felt it more, because I”m a mil spouse,” she said. “I have more sympathy, more drive, and more heart to help them in all ways possible because I am them,” she added.

Shay recalled a story of a newlywed couple PCSing for the first time.

“They had no idea what they were doing and they were scared, and knowing I’d been there and that I’d experienced the same thing really helped them feel better about everything happening. They knew they could rely on me,” she said.

Now Shay sees some of her first families moving onto other locations, an experience that she calls “rewarding.”

“They know they can reach out to me at any time, no matter what. My families know that as a mil spouse, I’ve had the same worries they’re having and that I’m here to help them,” she added. 

Warembourg says that most military spouses probably have the same story as her. They want to work, but maybe they haven’t had much job experience. She explained that before working with LMH, she worked as a barista, a waitress, and a florist. 

“I had no experience in property management. Lincoln has offered me fantastic opportunities and the ability to grow with the company. This is a career, not just a job,” she said.

Making things even easier is knowing that her new career goes with her on her military adventure. 

“Knowing my job can PCS with me is a sweet moment,” said Warembourg. “Knowing there’s flexibility with PCS orders and knowing the company sees you as an asset and a person is invaluable,” she said.

Shay encourages all mil spouses looking for their next professional opportunity to explore the open positions available at LMH. 

“Have full confidence in your skills and your assets because a lot of mil spouses have the skills we want. Elaborate on what you know you can do and learn as you go,” she said. 

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