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Let's Talk Military Family Resources!


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Every military family will have challenges and experiences unique to them. But one universal trait that's consistent for all families is the need to be connected with the larger military community. There are so many resources available to military families, spouses, and children. Your local installation should have a Community Services office that can direct you to specific organizations for your family's needs. 

Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs helps connect entrepreneurial mil spouses with the resources they need to launch their own businesses and become successful. Membership is virtual, so spouses can join no matter where they are located.  

Blue Star Families is a platform for military families to interact with civilian communities and leaders. BSF includes active duty, National Guard, Reserve, veteran, and transitioning service members and their families. There's a specific space set aside for military spouses to share professional information along with a career development page

Military One Source is the number one resource for military families for a reason. On MOS, you'll find answers to most of your military-culture-related questions, ranging from deployment to education, parenting, and more. 

National Military Family Association has been advocating for military families for decades. MFAN is dedicated to uncovering the hidden challenges of the military community and offers resources for these difficulties.

Sesame Street for Military Families has been producing military-specific content for children for over a decade. This initiative understands the ongoing needs of military families are different than those of civilian families. Sesame Street for Military Families has programming relating to all the milestones a military child might experience - from deployment to homecomings to moves and new schools. 

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