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Liberty Partners with Infinite Hero Foundation to Raise Awareness for Military Mental Health and Suicide Prevention


The Infinite Hero Foundation, an organization that combats the mental and physical issues facing military heroes and their families, has announced that it will partner again with Pasadena community leader and veteran, Captain Kyle Butters, US Army, Ret., to host the 4th Annual 22 Miles to Break Boundaries running event held June 7 – June 9, 2024 at Annapolis High School.  


22 Miles to Break Boundaries was founded by Cpt. Butters to honor and remember soldiers who have lost their lives to suicide. Cpt. Butters was inspired to action by some reports indicating that 22 U.S. active-duty personnel and veterans die by suicide each day. Cpt. Butters has committed to run 22 miles each day of the weekend, totaling 44 miles, to honor their service to our country and raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention programs for active-duty personnel and veterans.  

Funds raised at this event will support the Infinite Hero Foundation, providing veterans with access to personalized recuperative programs that are proven to be effective in treating depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), and suicidal ideation.  

“Like many other veterans, the bonds I share with others who have served are rare, and the losses that I have experienced have had a profound impact on me,” says Cpt. Butters. “More than 30,000 veterans of the post-9/11 conflicts have died by suicide, deaths that could have been prevented with adequate mental health support. I run knowing that with each step, the money raised will go to support the brain health and suicide prevention programs that are at the heart of the Infinite Hero Foundation’s mission.” 

22 Miles to Break Boundaries is open to participants nationwide, to increase both awareness and to raise funds for this important cause. Locally, there will be several events throughout the weekend, offering community members many opportunities to join Cpt. Butters and show their support for our military heroes. On June 8, as the first 22 miles ends, Liberty Military Housing will host and sponsor the Community Celebration at Annapolis High School with games, music, food trucks, and other family activities. Additionally, there will be a 2.2 mile Hero Run where participants of all ages can run, walk, bike, skip, or hop to raise awareness for this cause.  

“The Infinite Hero Foundation shares Cpt. Butters’s passionate support for our nation’s military, and we aim to serve them with the resources that they need to live physically and mentally healthy lives, both during and after service,” says Philip Rizzo, board member of the Infinite Hero Foundation and CEO of Liberty Military Housing. “Together, we strive to break boundaries and act as a catalyst for positive change for our nation’s heroes.” 

Liberty Military Housing is proud to serve as a sponsor of 22 Miles to Break Boundaries. Through their operation of more than 200 communities on or near military installations across the country, Liberty is also proud to serve those who serve our country.  

For more information about 22 Miles to Break Boundaries and the Infinite Hero Foundation, visit: 


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