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Lincoln Military Listens: How We're Working to Improve


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By listening to residents on an individual level, we help build up one of our favorite things at Lincoln Military: community. We know comfortable homes, attention to detail, and superior management are only improved by having a close-knit military community fueled by resident and volunteer involvement

At Lincoln Military Housing, we strive to improve the quality of life for all residents, service members, and military families. Get to know how the community as we work to improve based on current needs. When you’re a resident at Lincoln, you’re a part of the family.

With a variety of ways to communicate with our team, we are here to help every step of the way to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable military housing experience. At Lincoln Military Housing, every mission begins at home.

The LMH Mission

“At Lincoln Military Housing, our mission is to provide military families with exemplary service in a quality home environment, employees with unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional development, and military partners with quality homes and vibrant neighborhoods.”

While our residents are boldly and bravely serving the country, we see it as our duty to bring comfort to them and their families by helping them create a home in military housing. 

Mission Forward

At Lincoln Military Housing, you are part of our own military family. With any successful relationship, communication is key, and we are implementing processes to make that communication more efficient and effective. To ensure your voice has been heard and that we constantly have your best interest in mind, read on to see which steps we are taking to put LMH on the right path moving forward.

To create a more efficient and effective process, we have created several programs to improve our company while improving your quality of life in military housing.

How Can We Help?

Lincoln Military Resident App

Communicating with us just got a whole lot easier with the Lincoln Military Resident app! All you need is your phone and an internet connection, and you can make a service request with just a few taps at any time of the day. You can submit maintenance requests on the go with benefits such as:

  •   Fast submissions
  •   Photo attachments
  •   Real-time service progress tracking

If you’re unsure about using a new app, there’s a guide to making your experience easier.

Download the Free Lincoln Military Resident App >

Corporate Hotline

The Lincoln Military Housing team is working hard to exceed expectations for all residents through superior customer service, housing improvements, long-term quality development, and accountable management. To get a better idea of what our leadership team is doing daily or to simply gather more information, our corporate hotline makes communication more efficient. Our new Lincoln Leadership Line helps you get in contact with Lincoln Military’s Senior Executive Team. Let us know how we can serve you!

Contact Corporate Lincoln Leadership Line: 1-833-LMH-4YOU (1-833-564-4968) 

Lincoln at Your Service Maintenance Hotline

A happy home is a healthy home, and at Lincoln Military Housing, we are dedicated to our military families. To ensure your maintenance requests are always received, we have created a more efficient way for residents to request. Whether you’re submitting a maintenance request through our portal or you would rather talk to someone in real-time, our hotline is always available 24/7. Your voice is always heard.

Submit Work Orders Online through Lincoln At Your Service >

Contact Lincoln At Your Service Maintenance Hotline: 1-888-578-4141 

How Can We Improve? 

SatisFacts Survey

If you have a service request for your military housing or want to review a recent service experience, we have implemented an easily-accessible online survey along with the ability to contact your General Management Office. We have teamed up with to provide satisfaction surveys to our residents. When you move in, after a maintenance request has been completed, or when you move out, you will automatically be sent a survey to your email on file so we can hear about your experiences and levels of satisfaction with your experience.

Your feedback is essential to improving our processes at Lincoln Military, and honest feedback allows us to achieve the military housing community our current and future residents deserve. 

Online Service Survey

If you haven’t recently moved in or had a maintenance request fulfilled, we still want to ensure you can voice your experiences and needs. At any time, you can take our online service survey to address any comments or concerns outside of our standing survey programs. By providing details of your experience, we can better serve your future requests and improve our processes further to provide exemplary services and quality military housing to our residents.

Complete Your SatisFacts Survey Online >

Our Three-Step Process for Resident Concerns

We want to ensure you are paired with the correct team member to get your questions, comments, and concerns addressed as soon as possible. We have implemented the Three-Step Process for our residents to create a more efficient system to communicate with our residents. After following the Three-Step Process, we can move forward with finding the best resolution for you. We want to ensure we give any extra care needed to achieve an ideal and timely outcome for your needs.

STEP 1: Have you already contacted been in contact with your District Office? If not, contact your District Office or Lincoln At Your Service at (888) 578-4141.

STEP 2: If the issue is unresolved, have you been in contact with the General Management Office or Regional Property Manager? If not, find your location’s contact information here.

STEP 3: If the issue is still unresolved, have you been in contact with the Government Family Housing Office?

Fill out Your Three-Step Process Form >

At Lincoln Military Housing, every mission begins at home.

Since our beginnings as Lincoln Property Company in 1965, we have set ourselves apart as innovators in real estate development and management. In 2001, we formed a partnership with the Department of Defense to create Lincoln Military Housing - a new approach to military housing focused on strong community and superior management.

Over the years, Lincoln Military Housing continually strives to honor our service members of the Armed Services and their families by providing over 36,000 military homes across the nation. While the quality of life in military housing has significantly improved over the last few decades, we recognize the importance of consistently bettering ourselves to better serve military families living in our communities. Lincoln Military Housing is dedicated to listening to our families to create a community that service members and their families are proud to live in, while creating lasting memories.

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