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LMH Awards Team Members Highest Honor


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On April 15, 2021, Lincoln Military Housing (LMH) awarded its highest honor, the Gold Medallion Award, to four exceptional Team Members who embody LMH’s core values of balance, commitment, integrity, respect, empowerment, and communication. LMH’s Core Mission is to offer comprehensive programs and services that address the needs of military families, and each of the Team Members awarded the Gold Medallion award has worked to make that goal a reality. 

These four Team Members have provided mentorship, improved relationships with our government partners, and led by example. Collectively, they have exceeded the expectations of their job roles and have worked to make each of their districts a better place for military families. They serve as change-makers for their regions and engage with proactive solutions for our military families. 

This Year’s Winners

This year’s winners are Darlene Alvarado, Southwest Navy, Dirk Larson, Southwest Marines, Kimberly Trammell, West Army, and Emily Porter, Mid-Atlantic. 

Darlene Alvarado, District Manager, Bayview Hills, SW Navy Region 

Darlene has been with LMH for 14 years. She joined LMH as a Customer Service Representative in 2007, and since then, has continued to grow throughout the ranks. In 2020, she took over a 723 unit property as District Manager. There, she mentored four new District Managers and helped them settle into their new roles despite the pandemic's uncertainty. 

She continues to be a resource to them while still completing her daily job duties during this unprecedented time of uncertainty. 

In 2020, Alvarado also worked with the Accounting Team to pilot a month-end checklist and with the National Training Department by providing input on developing a District Manager training program. Alvarado said her experience mentoring the new District Managers was both rewarding and humbling. Alvarado credits her successful career to LMH’s flexibility. 

“Knowing that I have the ability to balance my home life and my career is really important to me. Having balance means that I can be the best person, both at home and at work,” she said. 

Dirk Larson, LMH Compliance/Internal Audit Manager 

In his time with the SW Marine region, Larson has worked diligently to improve the processes that help develop the region’s mission. Larson credits his work ethic to being raised on a farm in Illinois. 

“I truly feel like each step in my career has brought me a little closer to LMH and now that I’m here, I can’t imagine going anywhere else,” said Larson. 

Larson began his career in property management as a Leasing Consultant in 2003 in suburban Chicago. Since then, he has specialized in performing property audits and providing portfolio-wide training. Larson is a sterling example of an LMH Team Member who truly embodies our Core Values. He has taken the reins on improving processes, providing support for the region’s success, and demonstrating leadership skills. 

Larson is a critical thinker and a problem solver and is a dynamic asset to the LMH team and the SW Marine region. His unwavering commitment and dedication to the LMH mission is reflected in all that he does every day. 

Kimberly Trammell, District Manager JBLM, Lewis West

Trammell is an active-duty Army spouse who has been working with LMH for almost five years. She’s held multiple positions at JBLM and said that each of her roles has helped prepare her for the next challenge. On winning the Gold Medallion award, Trammell said that her career has progressed in the way it has because of empowerment. 

“It’s the Core Value that aligns with me the most,” said Trammell. 

During her time with LMH, if Trammell didn’t know an answer to something, she went to find out and actively worked to educate herself by enrolling in classes that were well above her role requirements. 

“My goal is to learn everything I can even if it’s not in my “job description,” so I’m prepared to answer questions,” she added. 

Trammell said she’s most proud of her ability to progress professionally in her career with LMH. “I started as a CSR and I still understand and remember those day to day issues. Now as a manager, I can take that knowledge and give my team pointers on how to do things best,” she said. 

Emily Porter, Distinct Manager HR Flags, Hampton Roads, Mid-Atlantic

Emily Porter began her career with LMH in 2017 as an Assistant District Manager. She has come to represent all that is great about LMH. 

Early in her career, Porter worked tirelessly to develop a dynamic relationship with LMH’s government partner, Navy housing. At the outset, Porter said there were some challenges in developing that relationship but that by adapting to the conditions, she worked to make it beneficial for both LMH, the Navy, and residents.

Porter said that she was raised with the “Golden Rule,” which shaped her time with LMH. 

"I just think about how I'd want to be treated if I was a resident and go from there," said Porter. 

This application of the "Golden Rule" helps Porter bring a distinct attitude of positivity to every single interaction she has throughout her day.

"There's no sense in dwelling on what isn't working. I try to focus on what I can do to make things better," she said. 

Treating others how she wants to be treated helps impact her positivity to her role as District Manager for HR Flags in Hampton Roads. She embodies LMH’s Core Values and is a consummate professional and problem solver. Porter has earned the admiration, trust, and respect of the LMH Leadership Team and Navy partners and her Team Members and residents within her community. 

Congratulations to all our Gold Medallion winners! 


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