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Meet Your Favorite Military Blogger: 10 Military Blogs to Follow in 2020


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Having a solid community is one of the most important factors in military life. Of course, you have your in-person community, especially with the number of ongoing community events at LMH that you can enjoy with your neighbors. However, sometimes it's nice to grow that community even further. With the help of military bloggers, there are a number of people offering support, tips, and tricks for navigating this crazy ride that is military life!  

From deployment tips to information on travel deals, there is something for everyone in these blogs about military life.

Personal Military Spouse Blogs 

Personal military bloggers are able to make their content personalized and unique. Each writer lives their own military life, and each has their own spin on the experience. Some personal military bloggers specialize in easy recipes, while others focus on finding the best military discounts and deals. See our favorite personal blogs about military life below!

The Frugal Navy Wife

Danielle is a Navy wife and mother of 5 who shares all the excitement of being a military spouse. She focuses highly on how to be a frugal military family, tips for homeschooling, and insights into juggling so much at once! Other highlights on The Frugal Navy Wife include easy recipes, blogging tips, and ideas for your military home.

The Homes I Have Made

Being in the military more often than not means you will experience a number of different living situations. Megan's blog highlights the process of making military housing a place you can happily call home. The Homes I Have Made shares home solutions that are affordable, creative, beautiful, and smart to make every move efficient and visually appealing.

The Military Wife and Mom

"Military life is like… a roller coaster." Lauren, the author of The Military Wife and Mom, shares all on the highs and lows, twists and turns, and overall craziness of the roller coaster that is military life. Her blog shares tips and stories that help bring a sense of calm to your life. From connecting with your community to college tips, she covers everything you need.

Moving with the Military

While more of a vlog than a blog, Moving with the Military is a wonderful lifestyle series and resource for anyone trying to make military life and their homes more enjoyable. Maria gives real people the solutions they need to decorate and organize their military housing to feel like home. Temporary decorating tips that will leave lifelong happiness!

LMH has teamed up with Moving with the Military to bring you DIY home solutions for entryway ideas, coffee bars, and nursery decor!

Semi-Delicate Balance

Run by JD, a working mother and military spouse, Semi-Delicate Balance stays true to its name. This blog is all about balance, so you'll find more than just articles about military life here. JD blogs about military life, motherhood, love, career, and lifestyle. If you're looking for a range of real and down-to-earth stories, this blog is where to find them. 

Community Military Spouse Blogs 

Outside of personal blogs, there are military spouse blogs run by a community of contributors. These blogs publish content that can cover a large number of topics, from finances to relationships. The military friendly style allows you to read many perspectives from multiple bloggers in one space, giving you a well-rounded view of many walks of military life.

Army Wife 101

When Krystel Spell created Army Wife 101, she wanted to create a blog and lifestyle for military spouses and families. Their focuses are on military discounts, base living, military entertainment, travel, and more. This blog is great for those looking to improve their military family budget or get some tips on things outside of deployment.


We can't have this list without bragging about ourselves a bit! The Lincoln Military Housing blog is a great place to find tips for military life, tips for military families and spouses, community information, and fun pieces like a DIY home series and regional guides to help support your next PCS move. We are a one-stop shop for military housing and living!

Military Spouse

One of the most popular military spouse blogs, Military Spouse, is dedicated to "simplifying your crazy, wonderful military life." The articles here focus on life, employment, education, news, discounts, moving, money, and more. On top of blog articles, you can subscribe to their magazine or join the book club for a little extra reading material.

My Military Life

Created by the National Military Family Association, My Military Life is a great resource for all things military. You can find topics such as mental health, military children's education, deployment, and job support. They even encourage anyone to write blogs to share their experiences, so it's truly a first-hand account of how others are living their military lives.

NextGen MilSpouse

This blog covers a wide range of military spouse and military family topics to build a story of what it's like in modern-day military life. If you're looking for a fresh take on things like PCS moves, career advice, personal finance, and relationships, the NextGen MilSpouse thought leaders cover them all. Check out their podcast, too!

Newest Military Bloggers to Follow in 2020

To keep you up-to-date on some of the most relevant military spouse bloggers in 2020, Lincoln Military Housing is bringing you updated information on some of our new favorite military blogs. Whether you're looking to read more about someone's personal story or you're looking for a community to join, we have it all!

Army Wife Network

SpouseBuzz Blog

The House of Wood: The DIY Life of a Military Wife

The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide

Blue Star Families


The MILLIE Journal

Modern Military Mother

No matter how you grow your military community, know that you have a never-ending amount of support. From your friends and family to your neighbors to find the right online community and military bloggers, you are sure to find all the support and information you need to make your military housing feel like home and to make your military life as amazing as possible.

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