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Military Discount Tips to Help Your PCS Move


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Receiving Permanent Change of Station (or PCS) orders can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start or how to prepare. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available on PCS move tips, as well as military discounts on products and services that will help lessen the financial blow of the entire process. With these discounts and a positive attitude, your PCS move can become more exciting and less intimidating.


Physically packing up all your stuff and moving it is likely the hardest part of PCS relocations, but service members and their families have options. First, you can turn to the Personal Property Government Office for help moving your stuff to your new home. Depending on your rank, you are granted certain poundage that the military will pay for. Second, you can always do it yourself with a DITY move. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service offers some really important information about DITY moves.


Because using storage is so common when it comes to a PCS move, a lot of storage companies like PODS and SMARTBOX offer military discounts. Remember to visit the smaller local storage companies near your military base to check out their offerings as well. Their location may play a part in their pricing since a large majority of their customers are probably service members.


After you get your storage and moving logistics squared away, it's time to consider your options for transportation. Some companies charge by the mile, and some charge by time or a flat rate per day. Companies that offer military discounts include Budget Truck Rental and Penske. Calculate how much each company would total out to and make your decision from there. Often, the government will offer an allowance of 95% of what it would cost to move you, both if you work with their process or make a DITY move.

Decorating your New Home 

When you arrive at your destination, transitioning your new house to your home will probably be a top priority. To help with this process, home decor companies such as Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, JOANN,, and Williams-Sonoma offer military discounts ranging from 10%-20%.

Home Maintenance

While our homes would remain in immaculate condition in a perfect world, some maintenance is inevitable. Lawns need to be mowed, filters need to be changed, and repairs need to be made.

Military discounts at Home Depot and Lowe's help carry some of the burdens of home maintenance costs. Their military policy offers a 10% discount up to a $500 maximum for all military members and their families with a valid military ID.

At Lincoln Military Housing, we provide maintenance service. Visit our Current Residents page to submit a request.

Getting Settled

As you get settled into your new neighborhood, do some exploring and find out what kind of deals are available for military families. Companies like Sam's Club and Costco offer military savings on groceries and other home items. Plus, restaurants, local attractions, movie theaters, and museums typically honor military discounts as well.

From packing to moving to growing roots in your new community, the process of a PCS move can be challenging and sometimes costly. Being aware of PCS move tips – including discounts and special offers available to you as a military family – can help you save money and make the process as seamless as possible so you can focus on enjoying your new home.

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