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Moving to Camp Pendleton Military Housing: A Guide


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You may have read our Southern California regional guide, but this takes it a step further! If you are about to move to Camp Pendleton, this is your resource for what to do in your new city. From finding the right military housing for you to learning all about the points of interest in your area, read this guide to become a local in a snap.


Camp Pendleton Military Housing

As you begin your journey to finding a new home, you’ll want to take note of all of the housing options available to you. With Camp Pendleton military housing, there are plenty of on-base homes to choose from. However, living on base isn’t for everyone. If you are thinking about moving into a house off base, it’s crucial to do extensive research on pricing and location. Here is a little bit of information on both.

Camp Pendleton On-Base Housing

With Camp Pendleton spanning 125,000 acres across the northern tip of San Diego, there is plenty of on-base housing to consider. Lincoln Military provides more than 6,000 military family homes within 22 communities across Del Mar, San Onofre, Forster Hills, and more.

With rent starting from $1,100, you can find out more about specials for your family by contacting us on our website or by phone at 760-712-3788. We are now leasing to all active-duty military, retirees, DoD employees, and all prior military and reservists. Call us today or submit your information here to learn more and get a jumpstart on joining the LMH family!

Off-Base Housing Near Camp Pendleton

While there are perks to living on base, off-base housing can be just as comfortable and rewarding for you and your family. Before you truly know which decision is best for you, you’ll need to do a little research about what’s available and where.

When you start looking for homes, it’s helpful to have a base search and city-wide search. To get a broad idea of what you’re working with, simply search the web for houses near Camp Pendleton. From there, you can narrow down which areas seem the most appealing and hone in with a city-wide search. 

Suppose you aren’t familiar with San Diego and its surrounding cities. In that case, it’s helpful to know that areas like Oceanside, Vista, and Fallbrook are a few of the most popular destinations for families. 


One of the most important factors to consider for military families when moving to Camp Pendleton is education. Because it’s such a large military base, there is a wide variety of schools and school districts to explore for your children. 

You’ll want to gather information on the school district that best applies to your location. Three different counties spread across Camp Pendleton, including San Diego County, Riverside County, and Orange County. There are five non-DoD schools located on base, but many more to choose from in the surrounding area. You can find a comprehensive list of schools here.

At an overall glance, Capistrano Unified School District and Fallbrook Union Elementary and High School District are top-rated and recommended. In addition to primary and secondary schools, there are universities and colleges available off-base to adults. 


While the stress of moving to a new home may get to you at times, just remember that moving to Camp Pendleton comes with a host of exciting amenities and entertainment. Outdoor adventures like hiking and horseback riding, beach camping, a bowling alley, memorial golf course, movie theater, and restaurants are just some of the activities you can enjoy with your family. 

Take a drive off base, and you can explore the endless beauty that makes up San Diego County and beyond. Miles of white sandy beaches, coastal towns with restaurants and bars, and tons of amusement parks (Disneyland, SeaWorld, and LEGOLAND) will have you in awe as you settle into your new city. 


California is known for its traffic because a vast majority of the residents here drive cars. Even though rush hour traffic can cause quite a headache, getting from place to place in San Diego County is easiest with your vehicle. However, there are alternative transportation options like ride shares (Uber) and buses to get you around if you do not have a car. Local bus services can take you around Camp Pendleton as well.  


For those productive Sundays full of running errands and household chores, take advantage of the base’s impressive shopping centers. One of the nicest perks about moving to Camp Pendleton is the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX). These massive buildings are home to every item you can think of, and they offer deeply discounted prices and tax-free shopping too. There are two MCXs on-base - Pacific Views and San Onofre. Additionally, there are smaller Marine Marts for quick trips to get gas and a gallon of milk.

Other services at your disposal include: 

  • Automotive shops
  • Dental centers 
  • Optical centers 
  • Salons and barbershops
  • Veterinary hospitals
  • Storage facilities


The beauty about living in southern California and moving to Camp Pendleton is the world-class weather talked about across the country. With very mild weather changes throughout the entire year, San Diego County doesn’t experience regular seasons like the rest of the country. 

A relevant factor to keep in mind is geographic location. The coastal areas around Camp Pendleton tend to be cooler, while the inland mountains and desert experience hotter temperatures. Overall, you can expect average temperatures in the 70s and 80s year-round with very little rain.

Wildfires are a significant threat that this region faces. Fire season generally picks up during the summer and fall, so make sure you and your family are prepared for those emergencies.  

While it can be scary and overwhelming to move to a new city, Camp Pendleton military housing and the supportive community within it make the transition much smoother and enjoyable. If you and your family are planning your move to sunny San Diego, make the process as seamless as possible by choosing LMH to find the perfect home for you.

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