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Moving to San Diego Military Housing: A Guide


 You may have read our Southern California regional guide, but this takes it a step further! If you are planning on moving to San Diego, this is your resource for what to do in your new city. From finding the right San Diego military housing for you to learning all about the points of interest in your area, read this guide to become a local in a snap.  


 As you begin the process of moving to San Diego, the first checklist item you’ll need to address is housing. While there are plenty of housing options available off base, we highly recommend that you consider military housing.

Living on-base not only saves you money on utilities and rent, but it also gives you the opportunity to meet fellow military families that know exactly what you’re going through. From quality housing and amenities to a sense of community, take a look at these San Diego military housing options that will make your new city feel more like home.  


Camp Pendleton is often referred to as a recreational paradise right next to the seaside town of Oceanside. With around 36,000 military families living on base, it’s safe to say that this expression must be true!

Camp Pendleton offers a wide variety of housing communities with different price points and amenities, which makes it easy to find the perfect home that fits all of your individual needs.

Liberty Military Housing provides more than 6,000 military family homes within 22 communities throughout base. Rent starts at $1,100 and your basic allowance for housing (BAH) includes your entire rent, gas, water, and normal electricity usage. Along with the more practical perks, Lincoln Military goes above and beyond to support military families through free classes and workshops, free family events, employment opportunities, and more.


About one-third of the U.S. Naval Pacific Fleet is home-ported in the San Diego Bay, which means that there are thousands of Navy families stationed across the county in on and off-base housing.

If you and your family are a part of the Navy community and plan on moving to San Diego, Lincoln Military has you covered. We currently serve Naval Base San Diego, Naval Base Point Loma, Naval Base Coronado, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, and Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

To get you started on your home search, explore 48 different housing communities and a diverse selection of apartments for rent in Miramar.



Transitioning from one home to the next is tough, but moving to an entirely new city can be even more overwhelming. As you prepare for your move, take a break from looking at military housing in San Diego to learn more about what your new city has to offer. From culture and food to weather and shopping, some key interest points are good to know.


Because of San Diego’s diversity in geography and people, you get the chance to experience a unique culture representative of almost every demographic and interest. From quaint, rural towns up in the mountains to urban development in the city, you’ll see everything from farmers to business people to laid-back surfers at the beach.

While there’s quite a bit of variety in the demographics of San Diego residents, there are a few common aspects you’ll notice throughout each community.

San Diego has gorgeous, mild weather, and most in the region take advantage of it as much as possible. That’s why outdoor recreation is huge wherever you go. Hiking, biking, rock climbing, fishing, surfing, boating, and tons of other activities are a big hit throughout most of the year.

In addition to that, San Diego is rich with history and prides itself on celebrating all of the cultures that have impacted the city throughout the years. You’ll find museums and state historic parks like Old Town scattered across the entire county.

Entertainment & Recreation

 Perhaps one of the best perks of moving to San Diego is all of the recreational fun that’s right at your fingertips. Whether you want to explore all of the amenities that San Diego military housing offers or would like to take a day trip off base, the activities are endless.

If you live on Camp Pendleton, you can catch a flick at their movie theater, perfect your swing at the golf course, or go camping at Del Mar beach.

Venture away from base, and you’ll be amazed at just how much variety there is in recreational fun. Hit up some of San Diego’s most popular attractions like the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, Balboa Park, and La Jolla Cove, where you can see seals up close and personal.

While staying close to the coast may be tempting, remember that east San Diego is just as beautiful with its mountain terrain and charming towns like Julian. Go apple picking in the fall and sledding in the winter (San Diego does get a little snow, believe it or not). 


Get ready to shop ‘til you drop when you move to San Diego! From the two impressive Marine Corps Exchanges (MCX) at Camp Pendleton to the San Diego Main Navy Exchange (NEX), you’re set to buy anything and everything you need right on base. These one-stop shops offer discounted prices and tax-free purchasing as well, so they really can’t be beaten.

Along with convenient shopping near San Diego military housing, there are also beautiful indoor and outdoor malls throughout the county, like The Shoppes at Carlsbad and Westfield UTC.

Food & Dining

If San Diego is known for one type of cuisine, it’s Mexican food. Because the city neighbors Mexico, expect to see lots of Mexican-inspired restaurants that serve authentic and delectable dishes that are some of the best in the country. Old Town San Diego is home to a few top Mexican eateries.

Besides Mexican cuisine, San Diego is home to every other type of eatery. Satisfy your cravings at high-end seafood joints like the Brigantine and Jake’s Del Mar, or keep it casual at In-N-Out Burger, the go-to burger spot for San Diego locals.

From Asian food to Italian food and everything in between, San Diego truly encompasses all types of cuisine. Look online for some of the best restaurants in the county and challenge yourself to try them all!


Forget about freezing winters or insanely hot summers; when you live on base at San Diego military housing, you’ll be lounging in mild temperatures of around 60 to 70 degrees for most of the year! Marine layers fog up the sky in the mornings but tend to dissipate by noontime. Rain is a rare occurrence, and severe humidity is even rarer.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to San Diego weather is that it does vary depending on where you are in the county. Head east, and the inland temperatures are more extreme with hotter summers and colder winters---the high mountains get some snow. Stay west by the beach, and the weather is cooler and milder.

Now that you know a little bit more about military housing in San Diego, as well as what the city is best known for, it’s time to dive into research and choose your new home! If Camp Pendleton sounds like your ideal community, discover what it’s like living in Camp Pendleton military housing versus living in town.


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