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New Year's Resolution Ideas for Your Military Home


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New year, new me? Raise your hand if you’re over this phrase after hearing it throughout January. Yes, a new year is a great time to reflect on what you want to accomplish and set goals, but it’s doesn’t mean you have to become a new person. 

Maybe the resolutions you set at the beginning of the month were to spend less time on your phone, work hard toward that raise you’ve been looking forward to, or get in shape. But have you thought about home resolutions like getting your house decluttered or getting craftier with DIY projects?

For the remainder of 2019, we’re focusing on new year’s resolution ideas for your military home. Learn more about some ideas for your home, and get to work making your space comfortable and a place you and your family want to relax in every day and night. Happy New Year to the same you, just different taste!

Start Some Spring Cleaning this Winter

Just because spring is in the air doesn’t mean you have to wait until the end of March to get your home tidy and decluttered. Start your spring cleaning now, and hit the ground running when it comes to 2019. Decluttering is not only a benefit for your home and your family, but it has benefits for your health as well. According to Livestrong, there are various reasons how your overall health can be affected by decluttering, such as reducing anxiety, ridding your home of allergens, and boosting your overall productivity!

Spring cleaning and decluttering are different for every home and every homeowner. Maybe you start by creating a sorting system: to keep, to donate, to store. Beginning with a sorting system allows you to make quick decisions to maximize your decluttering efforts. After you’ve sorted through all the physical items in your home, then you can move on to the nitty-gritty of spring cleaning like the windows, carpet cleaning, and kitchen cabinets.

Develop an Organizational System

After you’ve done your spring cleaning and decluttering throughout your home, it’s easier to develop a fun organizing system for your whole military family to benefit from. When coming up with fun ways to organize your home, it can range from laundry room basket organization to a family scheduling system. This depends on how your family dynamic works and how you function as a group.

Organizing might sound like a simple task, and it is, but it also has a wide variety of benefits that can help you in the long run (and the short run). Getting yourself and your home organized can set a good example for your children, reduce stress, and help clear your head of clutter. Below are a few examples for organizing your military home, your family, and your life:

  • Create a family command center or shared calendar
  • Organize the pantry to make it’s less overwhelming
  • Develop a designated homework space for your children
  • Give your kitchen a makeover to help maximize your family dinner time
  • Do a DIY Project as a Family

We’re taking it back to the core of your household with this recommendation for new year’s resolution ideas for your home and your family. DIY projects are a fun way to express yourself, and now you can express yourself as a military family! Joining forces and creating something new and useful for your house is a great way to enjoy your military housing even more.

There are various DIY projects to complete together that can also double as new home decor, such as a DIY coffee bar, ladder blanket holder, or even a beautiful new backdrop for your entryway. No matter what you decide, it’s sure to make your family home that much more special.

Get Involved in Your Military Housing Community

Another great new year’s resolution for 2019 is to volunteer and become more involved in your military housing community. Getting to know your neighbors is one thing, but getting to know the community and helping it grow is another. Building relationships can help benefit your overall quality of life. With ongoing community events at all Lincoln Military Housing installations, it’s easy to make family friends, get involved, and develop a new respect for your community. Learn more about the ongoing community events at Lincoln Military Housing today!

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