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NEX, MCX, PX - Shopping at your Installation Exchange Just Makes Sense


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Reading time: 1 Minute, 6 Seconds 

Just like the commissary, the Base Exchange offers you and your family exclusive access to fantastic discounts. 

But what is an Exchange, and why is it useful to shop there?

Every service branch has its own system. If you’re a Marine Corps or Navy family, you have an MCX or NEX - Marine Corps Exchange or Navy Exchange. If you’re an Army family, your Exchange is called a PX - Post Exchange. 

As a military community member or retiree, you’re authorized to shop at any Exchange on any installation. Honorably discharged veterans can shop at online Exchanges. 

Exchanges are basically retail stores located inside installations. They’re generally set up like department stores or strip malls with small shops located inside. An Exchange will often include a dry cleaner, a coffee shop, barbershop/hair salon, a uniform shop, and fast-food eateries. Other amenities include nail salons, auto repair services, car rental services, and banks. Sometimes there will be small kiosks set up inside the Exchange as well that feature local businesses.

Most installations will have at least one Exchange. Depending on the size, there might be several located throughout. 

For most shoppers, shopping tax-free is worth the effort of going to the Exchange. Name brand items are often discounted much more than in-town prices, making it easier for military families to save money.

As with commissaries, a large portion of the profits from Exchanges is given right back to the Installation. Since Exchanges primarily employ mil spouses and veterans, you can rest easy knowing that your purchases directly benefit your community. 

Exchanges and commissaries are your one-stop shops for everything relating to your hectic military life, and you can feel good about how you’re voting with your dollars. As a resident in an LMH community, you have easy access to base resources like the Commissary and the Exchange. This is just one of the reasons why it makes sense to live with Lincoln.

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