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The Region of the Year (ROY) Liberty Excellence Award


In 2022, the Southwest Navy (SWN) Region was honored with the prestigious Region of the Year (ROY) award. We had the privilege of speaking with Daniel Turkin, the SWN Regional Vice President, and Jasmine Alarcon, the SWN Director of Operations, to discover their secrets to success.

Game Plan

"Setting the region's goals and expectations at the beginning of the year in our District Manager and Maintenance Supervisor Conference contributed to our win," Jasmine explains. "Throughout the year, it's important to reiterate these goals in meetings and interactions with team members at all levels of the region to keep the focus on achieving the region's objectives." Daniel adds, "I engage with all new hires 30, 60, and 90 days after they start so I can take a pulse on how they're doing and gain feedback on their experience with us.”

There’s no “i” in Team

"In the Southwest Navy region, our team has always maintained a service-oriented attitude toward Liberty residents and team members.” Jasmine highlights the team's dedication and care, which is evident at all levels of the region, as proven by SWN's recent win at the 2022 LEAs for Region of the Year. Daniel also mentions hosting quarterly lunches with all district Employee of the Quarter winners to celebrate and foster camaraderie.

Friendly Competition

"Competition breeds champions,” said Jasmine, as SWN team members strived to outperform each other in their metrics throughout the year, significantly impacting the SWN region's statistics. The SWN leaders are transparent with their team, sharing the “rules of the game.” Daniel added, “We spent the better part of the past two years empowering our site leaders to own their share of Liberty. We held them accountable for their company and team's performance and provided them with a wealth of data and information through the Spotlight Reports, which were adopted nationwide.'

Liberty Lombardi

After the LEAs, SWN held a Tenant Satisfaction Survey (TSS) kick-off in San Diego. “We took the ROY award to the meeting and passed it through the aisles so everyone could touch it and take selfies; it was our Super Bowl Lombardi trophy moment,” Jasmine says. “Our region was filled with pride for the win, and it was a reflection of all the combined hard work each team member put in throughout the year that contributed to the honor of winning the award.” The “Liberty Lombardi” ROY award will be proudly displayed in the main lobby of the GMO for everyone to see.

Ready for a Repeat?

"We've done well empowering our fellow employee-owners to own their share of Liberty and hold their teammates, leadership, and themselves accountable, providing transparency and camaraderie," Daniel says, adding, "We are constantly working to provide all the information and tools our team members need to make their jobs easier and do their jobs well." In 2023, it's business as usual in the SWN region. "The regional leadership continues to support the site and teams in reaching our goals and objectives and, hopefully, bringing home another win!" Jasmine says.

The Region of the Year (ROY) Liberty Excellence Award is awarded based on several criteria, including:

  • Maintaining a 95% occupancy rate throughout the year.
  • Achieving a minimum overall score of 87 points in tenant satisfaction surveys.
  • Receiving a minimum score of 4.5 for move-in satisfaction with an 18% response rate.
  • Earning a minimum score of 4.5 for work order satisfaction with a 10% response rate.
  • Completing make-ready performance within 14 days with a minimum of 95% accuracy.
  • Achieving a minimum score of 95% for service requests.

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