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On-Base Housing at Dahlgren (NSF)

Located near Fredericksburg, Virginia, Dahlgren (NSF) is home to five Liberty Military Housing communities serving all branches of the armed forces. Homes in the Dahlgren community feature well-appointed interiors, convenient amenities, and attractive features, our homes offer the lifestyle our military personnel and their families deserve.

Liberty Military Housing proudly offers 203 beautiful, affordable King George apartments and homes for rent. Our experienced team is here to help make the process of finding and renting your home as easy as possible. There are no out-of-pocket expenses when you live in a Liberty home, and average utility costs are included in your monthly rent. We don’t run credit checks and there no hidden fees. At Liberty Military Housing, you have everything you need to make your new house a home, including a vibrant community and access to 24/7 maintenance services.


Rich History, Rural Charm

Boasting unique rural charm easy big-city access, Dahlgren is located just 55 miles from Washington, D.C., 60 miles north of Richmond, and 28 miles east of Fredericksburg. Dahlgren also offers numerous recreational opportunities, including fishing, boating, biking, kayaking, canoeing, golf, and horseback riding. Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren (NSF) began as a testing facility in 1918 when the Lower Station of the Naval Powder Factory was established in the Northern Neck of Virginia. Bordered by the Potomac River and Machodoc Creek in King George County, Dahlgren (NSF) has greatly expanded over the years, and today it contributes significantly to the healthy local economy. Discover the rich history, attractive character, and proud charm of Dahlgren (NSF).

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Beacon graphic from Dahlgren (NSF) in Dahlgren, Virginia

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