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A New Virtual Reality: Lincoln Military Housing Keeps Community Engagement Strong Through a Digital World



Lincoln Military Housing (LMH), the nation’s leading provider of homes for military families, organized hundreds of virtual community-building events this summer that created lasting memories for residents who, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, adjusted their lifestyles with home-bound and social distancing activities.

Over several months and with commitment and dedication, LMH staff ensured their communities remained thriving and bustling with customized activities, including live streams, pre-recorded videos, and drive-throughs for over 39,000 participants. Families living with LMH enjoyed events like virtual magic shows, yoga sessions, and scavenger hunts, as well as food and school supply distribution events organized in partnership with the Texas-based Operation Homefront charity group.

LMH’s San Diego-area management team even achieved an epic milestone: 100 virtual and drive-through events between June and August. Those activities include donut days, a children’s virtual 5K, stroller strides, a July homecoming, gift card giveaways, and partnerships with military-focused nonprofits like the USO, Courage to Call, and Marine Corps Community Services.

“I’m tremendously proud that our Lincoln staff, even as they faced a challenging time for their own families, brought joy to our communities through their quick action and planning,” said Philip Rizzo, COO and Co-CEO. 

“Our events normally take months of planning with vendors and venues, but this year we had to quickly adjust in the face of unprecedented new challenges. All these efforts were completely worthwhile knowing our military families could remain engaged with their fellow community members and with familiar faces of the LMH team serving them each day.”

The free summertime amenities were part of LMH’s industry-leading Community Services program, which, even during the coronavirus pandemic, continued providing exclusive opportunities that met the unique needs of the military families who live, work and thrive in LMH’s 36,000 homes nationwide.

“The goal of Our Community Services programs this summer was to give our diverse communities a sense of normalcy,” said Rizzo. “These efforts reflect our team’s understanding that, as our motto states, “Every mission begins at home.”

One of our team’s primary missions at LMH is to improve the quality of life for our military residents through programs designed to strengthen personal connections between neighbors, and to partner with like-minded local organizations to support this goal.


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Every Mission Begins at Home