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Liberty Military Housing (Liberty) continues to partner with the Take the Challenge Now Foundation to provide military families access to a ten-day activity-based challenge designed to help reduce or eliminate digital media consumption. 

“At Liberty, we believe connecting military families to key resources help foster and develop thriving military communities. I am honored that the Take the Challenge Now Foundation, an organization committed to improving the quality of life for children and families, has partnered with Liberty to bring this resource directly to military families,” said Philip J. Rizzo, CEO.

Take the Challenge teaches constructive ways to incorporate more screen-free activities into your life while decreasing screen use. The challenge begins on April 26, 2023, and concludes on May 5, 2023. 

“Our modern life is incredibly reliant on screens. While they can help connect us, they can also harm us. Research shows that the more time people spend on digital devices, their physical and mental health can suffer. There are many benefits to reducing screen time, including increased productivity, improved focus, and freeing up time to make off-screen connections,” said Rizzo. 

Take the Challenge director Kristine Paulsen began working with educators in 2006 to explore ways to decrease excessive media use and exposure to media violence. Lessons are designed in the activity-based challenge to inform, educate, and activate participants. 

“The average student spends over seven hours a day using media. After completing the ten-day challenge, evaluation has shown a 55% decrease in student aggression on the playground and a 48% decrease in negative classroom behavior,” said Paulsen. 

Challenge activities include having family conversations, reading together, engaging in physical activity, and others. Research shows that the fewer hours a person spends on screens, the better their moods and the stronger their sense of community. 

Liberty is providing residents with the Take The Challenge - Take Charge workbooks to assist families in navigating ten screen-free days.  Liberty also encourages employees to take the Challenge.

“There are many positive benefits of going screen-free. We’ve encouraged all our employees to join the program after working hours and discuss it with family and friends. This is a unique opportunity to reset dependence on screens and find alternative ways of engaging with communities, families, and friends,” said Rizzo. 

In observance of the challenge, Liberty will pause all its social media accounts for ten days. However, all communication channels will remain in effect should residents need to reach teams. 

“We want our residents to understand that this isn’t just something we’re promoting. Here at Liberty, we’re committed to finding healthier alternatives to digital media. We’re confident that we will become stronger as a company and as a community,” said Rizzo.


About Take the Challenge Now Foundation 

Take the Challenge - Take Charge is a preschool through high school media education program that reduces unwanted behaviors in our youth, such as obesity, aggression, and substance abuse while increasing student achievement, reading, and getting along with others. See how the program can help your classroom and community.

Find out more about Take the Challenge at


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