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Lincoln Military Housing President and CEO Jarl Bliss to Retire



Lincoln Military Housing (LMH) announced today that current President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jarl Bliss is retiring from the company at the end of this year. The company has elected to create a new dual CEO position effective January 1, 2020, giving new leadership opportunities and internal promotions to LMH’s Christy Pemble and Philip Rizzo. Under the new leadership structure, Mr. Rizzo will retain his current responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Since joining Lincoln Property Company (LPC) in 1987, Mr. Bliss has been involved in nearly every facet of the business, including development, construction, finance and military housing, rising to President and CEO of LMH in 2011. LMH manages over 36,000 military homes on bases from coast to coast in partnership with the Army, Navy and the Marine Corps.

“Jarl has been a business partner and friend for over 32 years. His dedication to LMH, to employees and military families alike, and years of service and leadership have built a legacy and he will be greatly missed. At the same time, we know that Christy and Philip are the right leaders to step into these roles and we are excited to see their talents and efforts come to fruition. Many of the changes and improvements being implemented are a direct result of their thinking,” said Tim Byrne, Chairman of LMH.

Philip J. Rizzo, a former Army serviceman and son of a U.S. military officer, has served as Senior Vice President and COO for LMH since 2012, and has been responsible for overall management and daily operations. Mr. Rizzo joined LMH after previously overseeing the operations for a residential portfolio of $2.8 billion in California and Hawaii.

“As a former soldier and son of a veteran, I know the challenges that military families face. I’m committed to working with our team members to deliver on the promises we’ve made to improve not only the homes but also the additional amenities, benefits, and support we provide to our families who serve and sacrifice. Our performance and continual support will reflect this commitment,” said Mr. Rizzo.

Christine (Christy) Pemble is the proud daughter of a US Army veteran and granddaughter of a US Navy Officer who served during World War II. Ms. Pemble joined LMH in 2005 and has served as LMH’s national Vice President for Accounting and Finance for the past two years. Prior to taking on her current role, Ms. Pemble led the oversight of LMH’s Mid-Atlantic portfolio as VP of Asset Management.

“LMH strives to be the housing provider of choice for America’s military families as well as the preferred employer for those who seek the noble profession of serving the defenders of our freedom. Every single day at every single LMH community we must prove with our actions that these goals are more than just words. We know that our dedicated team members understand and are up to that challenge. Philip and I share the hope that military families will continue to put their trust in our LMH team and allow us all to demonstrate daily the level of service that it is our mission to provide and their right to receive,” said Ms. Pemble.


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