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RECP Temporary Suspension Update News

RECP Temporary Suspension Update


January 2022 Update

Liberty Military Housing (LMH) is committed to energy conservation. We are aware that the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense has directed the Military Services to restart their Resident Energy Conservation Programs (RECPs). LMH is in discussions with the Services on how any new RECP program will be run so that we can evaluate the benefits to both our residents and our environment.

While a RECP addendum is included in all current resident leases, LMH is gathering essential information from the Services to ensure any new program can be successfully implemented. While the timeline and details are unclear, we do not anticipate restarting the program in 2022, and we are committed to keeping our residents informed as we learn more about the program's reinstatement. We encourage residents to review their mock utility bills and visit for further information and updates.

March 2020 Update

On March 5, 2020, the Department of the Navy (DoN) announced a temporary suspension of the Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP).

Following the guidance of the DoN, your last billing cycle will be for the month of March 2020 and you will receive your statement between April and May. 

We know there are many questions on what this temporary suspension may mean for you and your family. Our goal is to provide as many answers as possible in this letter. If you have any questions that are not answered below, we encourage you to contact us at

RECP Frequently Asked Questions

When is the temporary suspension in effect?
The temporary suspension will take effect after the March 2020 billing cycle is completed and residents will receive one more statement. Residents are responsible for all current usage charges and delinquencies. If there is a question pertaining to charges on the statement, we encourage residents to contact Yes Energy Management at

How long will the temporary suspension last?
Liberty Military Housing (LMH) had a third-party verify the operation of the meters for each home where RECP is active. That certification is being reviewed by the DoN for all Navy and Marine Corps installations and they will send certifications to the OSD as required. Once the OSD approves certification, RECP will be reinstated. When LMH receives direction from the DoN and the OSD, we will notify you of plans to lift the temporary suspension.

Why is RECP being temporarily suspended?
In accordance with the NDAA and directed by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), RECP will be temporarily suspended in order to perform certification. The certification will ensure that 100 percent of the homes at a specific installation that are receiving billing as part of the program are individually and accurately metered to measure energy usage.

What will happen to my banked credits if I have any rebates due from my conservation before the end of the last billing cycle in March 2020?
All credits earned before the end of the last billing cycle in March 2020 will be issued as a rebate by Yes Energy Management. Rebates will begin being issued as soon as March 2020. Residents will not be required to pay any new charges incurred during the mock billing period nor will rebates be credited/accrued to the resident’s account.
Will I receive a utility statement with a rebate or payment requirement after the RECP suspension announcement?
Residents may receive a statement with a rebate or payment required for the billing cycle in March 2020. Our families should expect to receive the statement for the current billing cycle in April or May 2020. Residents will be responsible to pay any balance owed on the account.
Will I receive a utility statement during the temporary suspension?
During the temporary suspension, residents will receive mock billing statements. The mock statements will show if a rebate would have been earned, if a home is in the normal usage band, or the amount that would normally be owed. During the mock billing period, residents will not be required to pay nor will rebates be credited/accrued to the accounts.
Why am I still receiving a bill?  I thought the February 25th letter from the Department of the Navy(DoN) said the program was to stop immediately?

Following the guidelines of the DoN, your last live RECP invoice will be for your usage through March 2020. You will receive your statement between April and May 2020 (depending on the billing cycle cut off date, you may receive more than one invoice). After the March bills are sent, and during the RECP suspension, residents will continue to receive a mock billing statement that shows their individual usage. During this mock billing period, the resident will not actually earn a rebate or have a bill to pay. The statement will show whether they would have earned a rebate, been in the normal usage band, or issued a bill if RECP was in effect.

Will all DoN Installations reinstate RECP at the same time or individually?
The DoN intends to reinstate the RECP program at individual installations upon certification from the OSD. LMH will continue to communicate as we receive information on the reinstatement of RECP.

Your family and your home are our top priority and we hope this communication answers the questions surrounding the temporary suspension of RECP. If you have any questions that are not answered in the letter, we want to reiterate to please contact us at



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