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Statement from Lewis McChord Communities, LLC



We regret when anyone is unsatisfied and are working to remedy this situation, but it is critical to understand that nearly all these residents decided to move to temporary housing on their own, and were not moved because of any known health or safety issues at their properties. We are covering the cost of their temporary accommodations until our staff and independent mold inspectors can determine if mold remediation is needed and, if so, until that remediation is complete.

To help address the unexpected increase in requests for mold assessments, we have brought in additional staff, increased shifts, and retained independent mold inspectors and remediators. These response teams and outside experts will help inspect properties, determine whether and what remediation may be required, complete any necessary remediation, and verify once all work is complete. If a home has been verified to be ready for re-occupancy but a resident decides that they no longer want to live there, they will be permitted to break their lease without an early termination penalty.

One alarming development is that some homes have been deliberately damaged during this time. These actions are not only a safety risk for residents who are not construction or maintenance professionals, they are a violation of lease terms and a violation of law. Because of these and other considerations, we will take necessary action to ensure the health and safety of families, our employees and to prevent further damage to Lewis McChord Community homes.

We’re here to serve these military families, and we are committed to making this right and getting people back in their homes.


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